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Human Garden

Human Garden - Ramler Park
Human Garden - Ramler Park 02

The HUMAN GARDEN project focuses on how commercial development causes disconnect from nature, in turn, causing isolation and alienation within local communities by creating gentrified environments. Urban development and tampering have also caused a decline in native New England flora. This project aims to point to the changes and control these types of green spaces have on a neighborhood and city, and how access is decided by location and design. I also want to create an alternative way of connecting to the environment around us but also to one another.

Photos by Piotr Sapiezynski

Photos by Piotr Sapiezynski

By using a Biodata Sonification Device, like MIDI Sprout, that is able to take the biodata from a plant. Like humans, plants give off electric bio energy that can be translated into a rhythmic patterned sound, that can then be sent through a MIDI connection and translate it into music. Sometimes I collaborate with musicians to mix these sounds into atmospheric abstract music. I also use projections installed into parks and green spaces to create a digitally constructed environments, giving visuals to the audible, communicating with both simultaneously.

Human Garden Spaceus

Performed at Spaceus at Faneuil Hall, Boston, MA
May 18, 2018
Video and photos by by Alif Ibrihim
Music contributions by Sean Saman

Human Garden Spaceus MIT