3 Sisters



Part I | Lost myth

I wrote a myth based on the geographical facts about the Three Sister Mountains of the Oregon Cascade Range. This project focuses on the condition of the oral tradition that is disappearing in many regions throughout the United States, and elimination of Indigenous stories.


Part II | Sustainable

SustainABLE, which references a Native American/Mesoamerican story of Three Sisters: Corn, Squash, and Beans. I worked with organic farmers throughout the North Carolina tri-county area while an Artist-in-Residence at Elsewhere Living Museum in Greensboro. To conclude the project there was a reading of the story, screening of the video, and communal Three Sisters Dinner.


Part III | Dreamtime: Stolen dreams

Dreamtime will be completed in July 2016 at Bilpin International Grounds for Creative Initiatives in New South Wales Australia. This story will reference the Australian aboriginal Dreamtime story of the Three Sisters of Echo Point among the Blue Mountains in Katoomba.